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How did you get started in the wrestling business?
I spent 5 months in the gym pushing weight and getting myself ready before I walked into a pro wrestling school.. I learned very little from the promtoer as that is all he had to offer (very little), but I did pick up a basic understanding of the game from Ernie Moore.  I've been fortunate to learn from a number of other vetrans (including Steve Keirn) along the way.  I had an extensive background in martial arts prior to my wrestling which included 6 professional kickboxing fights (6-0).

How did you know that this was what you wanted to do with your life?
I always loved pro wrestling and just decided that it was time for me to do something about it before I had to live the regrets of not doing it.

What was the toughest thing about your training?
Listening to people who didn't know what they were talking about.  There are precious few out there who have any idea about this business.

Your recently competed on the Totally Taylor Road Trip, can you tell me some of your experiences during that tour?
It was fun.  It was great to see our students make their debuts and it made Jerry Martell, Flexx Falcone, Morgan Storm and myself very proud of Camp Martell.

What is your opinion of the wrestling scene in the Maritimes?

It's just like everywhere else...politics, politics, politics.  I really suck at that game (as does eveyone at Camp Martell)  so we've decided to work on the product instead of the ass kissing.  We like Devin...he's always been straight with us and we would do whatever we could to help MSW as a result.  Promoters who don't screw us around get a gold mine in our product.  We bring more to the table then any other group anywhere in this country.  When promoters start being more objective, and less ego driven, you'll see wrestling getting better.

What is your opinion of the wrestling scene in the rest of Canada?

There are a few promotion who have risen above the garbage.  GLCW just simply won't let it in to the dressing room.  CIWA is looking like they are starting to follow GLCW's lead on that front.  There is one promtion based out of Orangeville (I won't mention it's name...a little promise I made myself), where the promoter is a pathalogical liar who has never, ever had control of the promotion.  He is living in a dream world and paying to have a group of wrestlers do whatever they want.  The product sucks and it is killing the businees.  He needs to be put out of business for the good of the pro wrestling.  I'm not familiar with the scene out west but we'd be very interested in working in Manitoba with TRCW.  Our talks with them have been great and we look forward to speaking with them further.

What is it like being one of the head trainers of Camp Martell?
Someone needs to teach students how to do this and you know what they say, if you want something done right, don't talk to anyone in Orangeville, and do it yourself.

Why did you leave Kickboxing to become a professional wrestler?

I had to be a miserable prick when I got ready for a fight.  It was a question of mental preparation and a question of time for the physical preparation.  It is a very lonely process, and it really became a job instead of something that I loved doing, and I wasn't getting paid anywhere near enough to make it worthwhile.

When you were first starting out, who did you look to for advice?
The wrong people, but once I figured out that my standards were higher than the standards of most of those around me...the people who work with me at Camp Martell became my source of advice.  Steve Keirn was also very helpful.

Who is one promotion/ promoter you just would not work for?

PWE Chris Drury ( I'll let myself say it once, just for this interview)...top of the list beyond a shadow of a doubt.  A dillusional lunatic who doesn't know anything about the business, but he has dreamed up stories of all his "wrestling experience" that he'll go on about for hours.  He's just been a mark for a very long time.

EWF Bob Woods...unlike Drury, this guy does have any mental illness, he's just a miserable prick who doesn't know anything.  He likes hanging out with young boys and his wrestling school has become a daycare  center...you figure it out.

Who do u feel is the best Indy wrestler in Canada?
Come to Camp Martell and figure it out yourself.

When someone tells you wrestling is "fake" what is your response?
I have a wrestling school and a stack of legal waivers for anyone who would like to test theory.  We are putting on a show, but one that takes more athletic ability than the vast majority of "legitimate" sports being played today.

Your opinion on how the internet has effected wrestling?

It's made wrestlers who couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag REALLY TOUGH GUYS.  That is one thing I do hate.  If you get to read some of the garbage these pussys put on the internet you'd think they would stand up to anyone.  No, instead they beg promoters to keep the big, bad, guys away from them, then they hide in dressing rooms away from the rest of the wrestlers at the show pissing themselves in fear for what they've started.
But on the bright side....it has made communication between wrestler and promoters a little easier (and cheaper).

People pay to see you wrestle because....
I am the most vicious and intense pro wrestler you will ever see work.  When you leave the show, you will be talking about the match that Quinson Valentino was working.  

Who do you feel is the most successful wrestler to come out of the Maritimes?

Leo Burke

What do you feel is your career highlight?

In a 15 minute match with Marty Jannetty I learned more than I ever had in 7 months prior to that.  And the match of my career was, beyond a shadow of a doubt with Flexx Flacone.  But the real highlight of my career came on a trip back from the east coast when Flexx, Jerry, and myself realized that if we wanted to succeed and to move forward in our careers, we needed to drop the less talented, less motivated, and less ethical people that were holding us back...and so we did.

Your opinion on the WWE TV. show Tough Enough

In principal I don't like it...it makes an easy road to the top for a few choice people.  But I gained a little respect for at least one of the competitors recently.

What is your main goal you wish to complete in wrestling?

I've tried to set my goals as attainable.  Once a goal was accomplished I re-set the bar a little higher.  Right now I'm trying to widen my exposure even beyond eastern Canada and Ontario.  More focus will be given to western Canada, the US and God willing, abroad. 

Where can we see Quinson Valentino in action?

July 13th Hamilton, Ontario  GLCW
July 14th Belleville
August 17th Hamitlon, Ontario GLCW
August 24-31 tour of Nova Scotia MSW
Sept. 7th Waterloo, Ontario  USWF
Sept. 21 Hamitlon, Ontario GLCW

Name Association

Devin Chittick - great promoter, solid human being

Lincoln Steen - theif...decent wrestler

JDL/ Scott Savage
- much improved from the day I met him...terrible driver.

Taylor Matheny - I gained a huge amount of respect for her when we toured with her...and she did us a little favor.

Vance Nevada - never met, but hope to

Mentallo - ditto

Chris Prays - ditto

Kingman - I ran into him once at Stations (a gym) in Halifax...he is a big dude.

Rene Dupre - again never met him, but he's got a bright future ahead of him.  The old man, and his skills have put him in a great place.