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During August 2002 you were involved in a car accident with other members of Camp Martell. How did that accident affect you, and how is everyone else doing?
Seeing your friends get hurt really sucks and that's exactly what happened. I thank God that it wasn't worse than it was because I watched the whole thing happen through my rear view mirror. I have on a couple of occasions thanked all the great medical staff in Moncton for their quick and professional care. They were awesome and that city is very lucky to have such pros looking after healthcare. Flexx actually had his first serious workout on Thursday night. He got winded pretty quickly but he banged as hard as he ever has and he'll be back in no time at all. DWK and Hammer are both back full throttle and both have been working. Luke Slater has been told to wait until May to get back in due to the surgery that was required on his face. He's keeping in shape and will be back then.

What happened between yourself and Jerry Martell?
I'm really glad I have the opportunity to set this straight because I don't want this to get out of hand the way things do. Jerry had his say with one of your interviews and I tend to agree with the things he said. This isn't a "juicy Indy wrestling story". It is just two people taking different paths. Sometime people, because of their circumstances just need different things. There were a lot of reasons why we decided to go our separate ways. Please let me stress this point NONE OF THOSE REASONS WERE PERSONAL this was a professional decision that was made by both of us. Jerry's approach to his career and mine were just different and due to other factors in BOTH of our lives it just made sense to go our separate ways. I had apples and I needed more, he had bananas and he needed more we couldn't help each other any more.

You and Flex have taken over Camp Martell and changed its name, do you plan to do anything differently with the students, with there training?
Ya know what WRESTLECORPS has most of the same principals that Camp Martell was founded on. We've changed a few things and through the cooperation of a number of other Ontario Indy workers, we have even more perspective to offer our students. We are really excited about it www.wrestlecorps.com

How are things going with GLCW?
In the next week a few shows will be announced in more than one city. This is a departure from the tradition "home base" of Hamilton, but the right people are in place to get the job done. Everyone knows that Indy wrestling is a tough sell, and finally people have come to that realization. I'm confident about things are going to shape up, and I'm quite excited.

You have mainly worked for MSW here in the Maritimes. There is a new promotion that has started up, UCW, Could we see Quinson Valentino in a UCW ring?

Anything is possible and I'd love to work there. There was a bit of dissention between "us" and Kowboy for some time, but it's my understanding that the misunderstanding has been cleared up. Short answer I'd love to work for UCW.

Who do you think was the best all-around wrestler in the Maritimes this past summer?

It would be really easy to say Bobby Rude, Chi Chi, or Eddie Watts. To be fair, I didn't really see any of them work this year so I'm not the best qualified to answer this question.

What do you think was your best match was from this past year?

I've had a bunch that I really enjoyed Jerry and I worked the Highlanders in Belleville and I got to see the tape of it last week. I was very happy with that match.

What is your favorite road trip story from this past year?
Despite what happened with the accident getting picked up by two of the EMT guys in Moncton the day after. We were out getting Flexx some drugs at the drug store (we were walking as it was just down the street from the hotel, not to mention the car was trashed) and an ambulance stops in the middle of a busy street when they see us walking they pull into a local parking lot and it turns out to be the guys who worked on Flexx at the accident. So they tell us to get in and they give us a ride to the drug store cool guys!

Any plans on trying to get your self into a WWE developmental camp?
Luck and timing have a lot to do with this business, but I'm going to push harder than ever this year to take a few more steps forward. Everyone that I work with has been told I'm not going to be as available as I have been because more time will be spent on my career.

Do you have any plans for wrestling over the Winter?
As I write this I'm just back for working in Cornwall. I look to be returning there once a month for CGPW, plus look for me in Peterborough, Hamilton, Woodstock, Brantford, and all sorts of other places as well. I HOPE (not sure yet) but HOPE to get out to the east coast very soon.

Since you have worked a lot in Maritimes and in Ontario, which do you like better? why?
I love working out east. I ALWAYS have fun there and the people are great. I think there is a lot of talent here in Ontario, but politics, provincial and otherwise, often get in the way.
Where does the character Quinson Valentino come from?
Ask anyone who has ever worked with me away from wrestling it's just me really pissed off.

If you could work anybody past or present who would you pick?
Tough choice I got to go with Macho Man Randy Savage, or Ric Flair

Any plans on competing for MSW once they start back up in 2003?
Short answer yes.

What would be the first thing you would tell a person that tells you they want to get in to wrestling?

"Are you sure about this?"

Who do you feel has been the top student to come from Camp Martell?
Anyone whose name I associate mine with means that they have the same drive and determination that I do. You figure it out.

Any closing message for the fans?
I said this on my web page, but I'll say it here too. 2002 was a rough year for me, but 2003 promises to be awesome. I've made some changes to the way I do things and thus far it has served me very well. I look forward to enriching all of your lives whether it is in Ontario, the Maritimes or down south.

Name Association

Sweet Sarah I really only met her once nice girl potential.

Legion Cage I like the guy kind of weird but ok.

Tony Armstrong The dude makes me laugh

Shawn Morgan Lots of potential excellent schooling

Morgan Storm A good friend I wish things could have been different.

Lance Romance I don't know the guy that well.

Bob Woods
Human Sewage

Bobby Rude
I hardly know the guy

Tyson Dux Great worker I'm glad for his recent success