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First off I want to ask about how everyone has been doing since the car accident last August?
Well everyone is doing much better - DWK has recovered 100 % and has been having some great matches with GLCW - has has some nice scars on his arm that will never let him forget that day, but he's doing great.  Luke Slater - has had surgery on his greatly injured face and he looks great - he plans on getting back in the ring and taking some bumps in the next couple of weeks.  Flexx on the other hand has multiple injuries to his collarbone and spine that have taken extensive rehab to repair.  What was thought to be a broken collarbone turned into several other injuries the doctors in Moncton neglected to look at.  With that being said Flexx has buckled down in rehab and will be back in a ring before you know it.

You have worked for three promotions here in the Maritimes UCW, RAW & MSW could you give your opinion on all three?

MSW - I have a lot of fun with Devin and the MSW crew, they work their ass off to make people happy.  If they look to expand their talent roster then big things could happen for MSW.

- Great lockeroom with real professionals.  There was respect in the room for everyone and a lot of encouragement for the efforts in the ring.  It was a great show top to bottom, if UCW continues to have a product like that look for them to explode this year in the Maritime scene.

- It was a good experience to be around the true vets like Eddie Watts & Cheech, but at the same time morale in the crew was down at the time due to financial problems in the company.  There was no way you could tell in the ring as this extremely talented roster would never let that effect the show.  Very professional atmosphere with amazing talent.

Will we see Jerry Martell back in UCW?

I would like to think so.  It was a great time in Cornwall and I would be glad to work for them again.  They showed a lot of class and respect from a management standpoint and thats all I ask.  When you have a great product like UCW produced you will have workers coming to you so its going to be a matter of keeping our spot, a little competition never hurt anyone.

Why did you change your name when you wrestled for RAW?
Personally I didn't change my name, I was told by Brian that since my name was Jerry Martell in MSW that they could not have me associated with that company in anyway.  Of course I agreed for them to change my name as its the professional thing to do, but I feel it was insecurity on the part of the promoter, specially when the crowd chanted "Jerry" when I came out.  People don't care about the company, they care about the talent.

Who do you think was the best all-around wrestler in the Maritimes this past summer?
At first I viewed this as a very difficult question, but lets face it.  Bobby Rude has been on WWE TV several times and consistently has the best match on the card no matter who his opponent is.  I think from shear results this question answers itself.

What do you think was your best match was from this past year?

Very hard question, this has been a good year for me as far as match quality goes.  Shawn Morgan and I had a great match for the GLCW Canadian title which was one of my favorites, but Quinson and I also had some great matches with the Highlander's and Ebony Express.  I've been happy with my work and look for even better matches this year.

Do you think RAW will be back in 2003?

I personally don't see that happening, from what I am told they owe the boys a lot of cash, not to mention some buildings.  Running owing that much from the year before really creates a lot of overhead to start with.  It simply comes down to RAW not having that kind of cash, I think they are done.

If Real Action Wrestling did come back would you work for them again?
Of course I would, but the boys would have to be squared up first, were not a large community in the Maritimes so we are tight.  No one is going to work for them until the back money is cleared up and the future gates are guaranteed.  If you bounce a cheque at the store they only let you pay with cash from there on out.  Get my drift!

What is your favourite road trip story from this past year?
There are several that just are fit to be typed out here.  I've spent a lot of time on the road this year.  Some fond memories are realizing that "mullets can't go to the gym" and "finding the inkeeper dead".  All interesting stories, lets put it that way.
If you could work anybody past or present who would you pick?
Stan "the lariat" Hanson - this man made money in every territory he was in.  When he felt like he was going to have to sell his soul to the WWE he went to Japan and made himself a legend.  I would love to feel that lariat just once.

How are things going at Camp Martell?
Well I guess this as good a forum as any.  Camp Martell is going through a name change and management change.  Myself and Morgan Storm have stepped away from Camp Martell as the distance has become a strain.  Rest assured everyone, the school is about more then a name and two people.  Quinson and Flexx are still providing the best wrestling training in Ontario by far.  Look for big things from the new company in the future, they have some solid plans in place.  We have trained some of the best young workers in Canada and that will continue.

How are things going with Great Lakes Championship Wrestling?
Morgan and I have also stepped down from GLCW, it truly is the greatest fed in Ontario with a solid lockeroom and one of the best workrates I have ever seen.  The company will continue to produce great shows and I am very proud of the fact that I helped start something that has done so much good for the community and the workers involved with it.

Why do you feel your match with Shawn Morgan was cut from the RAW Eastlink Version that aired on TV?
We were cut for a couple of reason: 1. it wasn't really a match, just a way to warm up the crowd & 2.  Vance Nevada told the truth, if you want to know what I mean order the New Scott version and listen to what he says.  Sometimes the truth hurts!

What's better Eastlink TV or New Scott Video?
I'm sick of putting you over - I'm not answering this........... New Scott!

Any plans on trying to get your self into a WWE developmental camp?
No plans right away by any means.  I'm not in the shape I need to be in or have the ring guidance it takes.  I'm putting a big push on my conditioning now that I have some personal issues out of the way.  Working with the experienced workers from this area will help my ring work, but you can look for a new look from myself by summer.

You won the Mainstream Title for the first time on October 10th 2002. What did that mean to you?
It was a good experience, I haven't really been struck on winning title through out my career.  They are just props and one I don't feel I really need.  My gimmick gets over more as the guy the face champ beats for the big pop at the end of the night.  I appreciate that a company has faith in me to carry their strap, but it will be much better for both of us when the dominate face strips it off me on a big show.  I know my role in wrestling very well.  People who don't are the ones that don't last long.

Do you have any plans for wrestling over the Winter?
A lot of plans - hopefully UCW will run some more shows throughout the winter.  I am going to Maine in January, Feb myself and Morgan are heading down to work for WXW, we are going to keep busy.  Almost too busy.

Quinson Valentino, your tag team partner, you guys have been together for a few years now, what has been the glue to hold you together, and how have you enjoyed your run together?
There hasn't been any magic glue that has held us together, we work really well together and have very solid work as a team, this was by far our best year and we made some waves in the tag team scene.  We think well together in the ring and have the same style in building a match.  Although we have left the business I don't think East West is done, when Quinson comes to the Maritimes I think we will be teamed together.  Neither of us would oppose that.

Since you have worked a lot in Maritimes and in Ontario, which do you like better? why?
Maritimes - by far. I"m from here and understand the scene much better.  The politics are much less here and a lot more effort goes into having a good show.  When we built GLCW it was pushed around the same format, but its the only fed in Ontario.  Ontario is full of bullshit workers that talk trash, but never to your face.  In the Maritimes I think if you fucked up the vets would come to you and tell you!  That makes you want to perform, in Ontario its a chore crawling between the ropes sometimes because no matter what kind of match you have the politics are going to take over behind your back.  I moved back here and I couldn't be happier from a wrestling standpoint.

Any closing message for your fans?

Look for www.campmartell.com to be back up in running very soon, it will be a personal site for myself and Morgan.  Also check out www.glcwrestling.com as they will be making some big annoucements in the future.
Name Association

Duke MacIssac - Great guy in the lockeroom and great worker in the ring.

Kingman - True vet, has no issue handing out advice when it needs to be done.

Shawn Morgan - Student, Friend, sometimes Son - has tons of potential he just has to keep pushing forward.

Gary Williams - Consistently been a good worker for many years, great guy who knows his stuff.

Flexx Falcone - My greatest opponent and one of my greatest friends.  The future of the industry.

Cinder - Nice guy - Very good wrestler, had a great match with Glyde at the UCW show.

Warren Olsen - Heart is in the right place!

Brian Marchand - Ditto!

Sweet Sarah - Great girl with everything it takes to make it.  Can't wait to have her back in the Maritimes if possible.

Angel Williams - We have crossed paths a few times over the years, she was a good valet and from what I hear Fuego has done wonderful things with her in ring work.  She is very popular and her actually working might be what she needs to make it.