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How was the WWE experience over all?
Awesome…I can’t tell you how happy I was when Tom Prichard told me to be in Cleveland and Buffalo. In a sense it was a dream come true. What I found out was that it was just the start and while I was very satisfied…I want more of the same.

How did the people in the WWE treat you while you were there?

I couldn’t have been treated better. I shared a locker room with Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, and Arn Anderson. They were as welcoming as any other workers in any other locker room anywhere. I don’t think I need to say anymore.

You were in both the RAW and Smackdown locker rooms, could you compare the two for us?
Both were fantastic, but I felt that the mood over at RAW was a little lighter than it was at SMACKDOWN. Keep in mind this is a full time business for all the people working there and ratings mean everything, so it could have just been because of a dip in ratings or whatever. All in all both were great places to be.

Will you be returning to the WWE any time soon?
If all goes well. I’ve been told what to work on…and I have been doing just that.

In March of 2004 you returned to the Maritimes for a few shows with MSW. How did that tour go?
It was good. Please understand I am originally a maritimer and I love coming home. There are a million reasons that I could give you for wanting to wrestle out east. The truth is that I would make more concessions about wrestling in the maritimes than I would wrestling anywhere else. Devin does have some issues but I want to go on record right here saying that he has always treated me fairly and paid me every cent we ever agreed to.

At that time was MSW run any different than it was the last time you were here in August of 2002?
I’m not sure where MSW is going, and I’ve made a point of not getting involved in the politics of pro wrestling anymore. I wish that MSW was further along that what it is right now, but there are a lot of factors that come into play when you are trying to create a successful promotion.

Your feelings on the Lincoln Steen, Tony Armstrong & Vinny Glyde all deciding to leave MSW?
Please don’t take offense to this, but I didn’t know until I glanced over the questions that you sent in this interview…so I did a little research at your website and got the story (the truth is I first saw these questions at 5:30 am after driving back from shows I did in Michigan, so I was a little out of it). As a reporter you are probably gonna HATE this answer, but as a wrestler void of any political strings, I’ll answer your question this way. Every worker takes a different as to get where they want to go. We are all independent contractors making decisions for ourselves as to who to work for and who not to work for. The guys made a call about MSW and you have to respect their decision. As workers and as people I really like Lincoln and Tony (to be honest I never had the opportunity to meet Vinny, but I assume he’s in line with the other two). Just three guys, making some decisions…not worth getting worked up over.

Those three were the top talent MSW had to offer, with them being gone do you think MSW will be around much longer?

I’m not going to speculate.

Will we see Quinson Valentino return to MSW with out those three being there?

I want to work in the maritimes. I’m not tied to MSW, but they have in the past offered me a place to work, and as I said I would gladly make more concessions working in the martimes, than I would anywhere else. That being said, and despite my incredible talent, I’m not a one man show. We’ll have to wait and see.

In August 2003 you returned to the Maritimes to wrestle for CPW, nothing much more than a glorified backyard show with a few real wrestlers, such as Chi Chi Cruz, Scott Savage, Tony Armstrong, The Highlanders and your self. With that said if that was the roster people must be thinking how could that be a backyard show? Well aside from the 5 outstanding wrestlers I mentioned, there were about 10 or so untrained backyard wrestlers on the card that made the entire show look completly unprofessional. Your thoughts about what happened over those 3 days?
I’m not gonna go on to long about this so here we go:
1) I loved working with Chi Chi Cruz.
2) Backyard wrestlers from Nova Scotia suck.
3) If Tom from CPW ever calls you tell him that you won’t accept sexual favors from his wife as payment and that he needs to feed his kids.
4) If the guy who is training you to be a wrestler can’t spell his own name he likely doesn’t know what he is doing.

Guys like Scotia Soul, Pistol Pete & CN Power have been critized heavily on only being half trained talent that MSW uses pretty much on a regular basis, what are your feelings on this?
I hope they don’t get to pissed about this because I like these guys, but it’s true. If they are serious about this they NEED to find more places to work and more talent to work with.

We know how Lincoln Steen feels about guys working free, I am sure everyone had read that commentary by now, but how do you feel about it?
I get paid…it’s as simple as that. I don’t talk about money because it’s not anyone’s business but mine. However if you WERE to look at last years tax return you would see where all of my earnings were claimed and where all of my costs were deducted.

What do you think of TNA's decision to use a six-sided ring?
Again…my apologies…I wasn’t aware.

Speaking of TNA have you had any contact with them?

Not directly. A bunch of guys I work with down south have had some opportunities with them. One shot deals here and there. They have all told me to contact TNA and that they would speak up for me, but to be honest I’m in the process of focusing my energy on a few other areas. I would go tomorrow if they asked but I have spent more time calling Stamford and over seas.

You have recently been wrestling in the States alot which promotions are you working for down there?

AWWL (Michigan), WOW (Wisconsin), CWF Mid-Atlantic (North Carolina), WWA New England, WWA (Indiana), NWA East (Pennsylvania), ACW (North Carolina), SCW (North Carolina), CAPW (Ohio)

How did you get involved with them?
Send tape, write emails, make calls, work your butt off.

How are things on the Ontario wrestling scene going?
Slow...thank you Mr. Hayashi

For those fans that don't know what is the "Passion of Valentino" ? and how is that project going?

The last time I was in Nova Scotia a friend of mine asked if he could follow me around during the tour. He wanted a backstage look at the life of a pro wrestler. Jeff Wheaton, the afore mentioned buddy, brought a camera along and a crew of talented filmmakers and captured some really good footage of that week. Jeff is in the process of cutting and editing with a bunch of really talented editing and sound professionals. I think he wants to use this as start on a career in documentary films. He has a lot of experience in the film industry and this was a bit of a leap for him as he isn’t a wrestling fan at all. But he did learn a lot over the course of four days.

Any final comments?
If you don’t see me in Canada it’s because I’m south of the border. But this is a plea to the maritime promoters. Make something work and get on the phone with me. I can’t wait to come back to the east coast of Canada. Stay in tune www.quinsonvalentino.com !

Name Association

Shawn Spears - I really like Shawn…good worker, and I had a blast traveling wth him. Not something I can say about a lot of workers.

Bobby Rude  -
I don’t know him very well. His in ring work is great. I think that we do business very differently.

The Highlanders- Two very good friends of mine. I’m very glad that they are getting as much notoriety as they are getting.

Shawn Morgan  -
There are kids all over the world.

Tony Armstrong  -
Great worker good friend.

Paco - Hey kid relax…you are doing fine…and stop treating me like an adult…lol.

CN Power -
Hello…wake up! When the lights come on…he’s very entertaining.

Scotia Soul -
The best athlete that MSW has right now.

Chi Chi Cruz -
I had a BLAST working with him.

Tracy Brooks  -
I don’t know here at all.

New Scott -
Thanks for reffing.